Side Degrees (Chair Degrees)

The Side Degrees of York Rite Masonry are also known as “The Chair Degrees”. The reason for this name is that in order to be eligible to receive the degrees, a candidate must have served in the East (or be currently presiding in the East) of the respective body.

The Chair Degrees are held the first Saturday of each October at 1:00 PM at the Birmingham Metro York Rite Center for all qualified Companions/Sir Knights wishing to join 1, 2, or all 3 degrees. It was held on October 8th, 2022.

To be eligible to join the Order of Anointed High Priests, you must have been a Past Excellent High Priest of your Chapter or currently in that position. An application can be filled out on that day with a onetime fee for a lifetime membership of $50, which includes the High Priesthood special edition of the King James Bible, please come early to register.

To be eligible for the Order of the Silver Trowel you must have been a Past Illustrious Master of your Council or currently in that position. A lifetime membership is $20 and the application can be filled out at this meeting. (You do not have to have either of the other two chair degrees to have this one conferred.)

To be eligible for the Order of Knight Crusader of the Cross, you must have been a Past Eminent Commander of your Commandery, or currently in that position. Your application and the $20 fee will get you a lifetime membership in this degree. (You do not have to have been conferred in the other two chair degrees to receive this degree, but will have to wait outside until it is time for this degree to be conferred.)

These Chair Degrees are actually three distinct & separate bodies with separate successive lines. They are listed below:

Order of Anointed High Priests

Office2023-2024 Officers2023-2024 Degree Team
Excellent PresidentScott WadsworthJoel Bryant
Excellent Vice PresidentNick BarnesNick Barnes
Excellent ChaplainMark StillwellPhillip Sherman
Excellent Master of CeremoniesTed LogginsJames. C. McGee
Excellent Conductor of the CouncilScott DavisWinston Each
Excellent HeraldBrian AutreyTed Loggins
Excellent StewardTroy BrownMark Stillwell
Excellent SentinelLee GibsonLee Gibson
Excellent Treasurer/RecorderBobby JordanBobby Jordan
Degree DirectorTom Bassett

Order of the Silver Trowel

Office2023-2024 Officers2023-2024 Degree Team
Thrice Illustrious MasterScott WadsworthNick Barnes
Thrice Illustrious Senior WardenMark StillwellDoug Burfitt, Jr.
Thrice Illustrious Junior WardenTed LogginsSid Cooley
Thrice Illustrious StewardNathan GodwinWilliam Carter
Thrice Illustrious SentinelJohn MyersTed Loggins
Thrice Illustrious Treasurer/RecorderBobby JordanBobby Jordan
Degree Director / King DavidTom Bassett

Order of Knight Crusaders of the Cross

Office2023-2024 Officers2023-2024 Degree Team
Knight Crusader of the EastDoug Burfitt, JrThomas H. Nesbit
Knight Crusader of the WestScott WadsworthDoug Burfitt, Jr
Knight Crusader of the SouthTommy Bassett
Knight Crusader of the NorthTed LogginsEmory J. "Smokey" Ferguson
Knight Crusader of the Holy CrossJohn MyersSid Cooley
Knight Crusader of the TempleTroy Brown
Knight Crusader of the AsylumJoel Bryant
Knight Crusader Treasurer/RecorderBobby JordanBobby Jordan
Degree DirectorThomas H. Nesbit