Side Degrees (Chair Degrees)

The Side Degrees of York Rite Masonry are also known as “The Chair Degrees”. The reason for this name is that in order to be eligible to receive the degrees, a candidate must have served in the East (or be currently presiding in the East) of the respective body.

These Chair Degrees are actually three distinct & separate bodies with separate successive lines. They are listed below:

Order of Anointed High Priests

Excellent PresidentKim Harrison
Excellent Vice PresidentSid Cooley
Excellent ChaplainJohnny Strickland
Excellent Master of CeremoniesTommy Bassett
Excellent Conductor of the CouncilMike Feld
Excellent HeraldJerry Ogletree
Excellent StewardKen Baker
Excellent SentinelRani Christie
Excellent Treasurer/RecorderMichael Mims

Order of the Silver Trowel

Thrice Illustrious MasterJohnny Strickland
Thrice Illustrious Senior WardenTommy Bassett
Thrice Illustrious Junior WardenMike Feld
Thrice Illustrious StewardJerry Ogletree
Thrice Illustrious SentinelWinston Each

Order of Knight Crusaders of the Cross

Knight Crusader of the EastJames C. McGee
Knight Crusader of the WestSid Cooley
Knight Crusader of the SouthMike Feld
Knight Crusader of the NorthJohnny Strickland
Knight Crusader of the Holy CrossMark Stilwell
Knight Crusader of the TempleJohn Willis
Knight Crusader of the AsylumWilliam J. Burfitt, Jr.
Knight Crusader Treasurer/RecorderMichael Mims