Grand Chapter

Fraternal Greetings and welcome to the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alabama’s website.

Our Most Excellent Grand High Priest Michael F. Feld welcomes you to join us at our next Annual Communication in February 2025 at Prattville, AL.

Seated Left to Right: Michael F. Feld Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Sidney R. Cooley, Sr. Right Excellent Grand Scribe, William J. “Doug” Burfitt, Jr. Excellent Grand Captain of the Host, Bobby K. Jordan Right Excellent Grand Treasurer, James C. McGee Right Excellent Grand Secretary, Joel I. Bryant Right Excellent Grand Chaplain, A. Mark Stillwell Excellent Grand Principal Sojourner

Standing Left to Right: P. Allen McGee Excellent Grand Sentinel, J. David Wyatt Excellent Grand Master of the 1st Veil, Brain K Autrey Excellent Grand Master of the 2nd Veil, Ted Ahora Loggins Excellent Grand Master of the 3rd Veil, W. Scott Wadsworth Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain, Crandon Creel Excellent Grand Marshal

(Not Pictured): Johnny R. Strickland Right Excellent Grand King

ME Grand High PriestMichael F. Feld
RE Grand KingJohnny W. Strickland
RE Grand ScribeSidney R. Cooley, Sr.
RE Grand TreasurerBobby K. Jordan
RE Grand SecretaryJames C. McGee, MEPGHP
RE Grand ChaplainJoel I. Bryant
RE Grand MarshalCrandon N. Creel
Ex Grand Captain of the HostWilliam J. (Doug) Burfitt, Jr.
Ex Grand Principal SojournerA. Mark Stillwell
Ex Grand Royal Arch CaptainW. Scott Wadsworth
Ex Grand Master of the 3rd VeilTed Ahora Loggins
Ex Grand Master of the 2nd VeilBrian K. Autrey
Ex Grand Master of the 1st VeilJ. David Wyatt
Ex Grand SentinelP. Allen McGee