Friend Zabud Award

The Friend Zabud Program recognizes an individual Cryptic Mason who is active in the aspects of the Craft that will facilitate both his journey and his contribution in others’ journeys in the Craft. This recognition was adapted from an award given by the Grand Council of Arizona. It is offered as a tool for Grand Councils to encourage participation, learning, and mentoring for their members.
A maximum of three (3) points may count toward earning this recognition from each of the following areas; totaling a minimum of ten (10) points from no less than four (4) categories. Each item may be counted only once for a given year.

Lodge Service

  1. (1pt) Serve as a Lodge officer or on a Grand Lodge committee.
  2. (2pts) Serve in a Grand Lodge office.
  3. (1pt) Perfect attendance at Lodge.
  4. (1pt) Perform in a Degree.
  5. (1pt) Participate in a Lodge project.

Council Service

  1. (1pt) Serve as a Council officer or on a Grand Council committee.
  2. (2pts) Serve in a Grand Council office.
  3. (1pt) Perfect attendance at Council.
  4. (1pt) Perform in a Council Degree.
  5. (1pt) Participate in a Council project.

Ritual Work

  1. (3pts) Achieve one degree of the Ronald L. Thomas Ritual Award.
  2. (1pt) Perform a role at a Council Degree.
  3. (2pts) Attend a Festival and perform a role (includes paraphernalia, director, etc.)
  4. (1pt) Publish a paper on a ritual topic or degree.
  5. (2pts) Coach a student and have them perform a role.


  1. (1pt) Visit a Lodge, Chapter, Commandery of which you are not a Member.
  2. (1pt) Visit another Council in your Jurisdiction (different visit from No. 1)
  3. (2pts) Visit a Council or Grand Council Assembly in a different Jurisdiction.
  4. (2pts) Attend your Grand Lodge Annual Communication.
  5. (2pts) Attend your Grand Council Annual Assembly.
  6. (2pts) Attend a Regional Conference or York Rite Leadership Training.
  7. (2pts) Attend a Triennial General Grand Council Assembly.


  1. (1pt) Donate $5 or more monthly.
  2. (2pts) Donate $100 for the year.
  3. (1pt) Serve actively on the CMMRF Committee for your Grand Jurisdiction.
  4. (2pts) Give a presentation to a NON-COUNCIL Group.
  5. (1pt) Give a presentation to a Council.
  6. (2pts) Attend a CMMRF Board Meeting.
  7. (2pts) Run a CMMRF Fundraising Campaign.

Please follow link for official Grand Chapter Form.