Grand Commandery Officers 2020-2021

Jerry Burfitt
REGC 2020

Fraternal Greetings and welcome to the Grand Commandery of Alabama’s website.

Our RE Grand Commander William Jerry Burfitt, Sr. welcomes you to join us at our next Annual Conclave in February 2021.

Seated Left to Right: William Jerald Burfitt, Sr. Right Eminent Grand Commander; Winston L. Each Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander; Thomas G. Lott Eminent Grand Generalissimo; Ronald G. Andress Eminent Grand Captain General; Edward L. Mason Eminent Grand Treasurer; Hiram Williams Eminent Grand Recorder; C. Sterling Hughes Eminent Grand Senior Warden.
Standing Left to Right: Johnny W. Strickland Eminent Grand Sentinel; Thomas R. Bassett Eminent Grand Warder; J. David Wyatt, Jr. Eminent Grand Sword Bearer; George L. Marshall, Jr. Eminent Grand Prelate; William J. “Doug” Burfitt, Jr. Eminent Grand Standard Bearer; Sidney R. Cooley, Sr. Eminent Grand Junior Warden.

RE Grand CommanderC. Sterling Hughes
VE Deputy Grand CommanderSidney R. Cooley, Sr.
Em Grand GeneralissimoWilliam J. (Doug) Burfitt, Jr.
Emt Grand Captain GeneralJ. David Wyatt
Em Grand Senior WardenThomas R. Bassett
Em Grand Junior WardenWilliam A. Carter
Em Grand PrelateAllen Brackin
Em Grand TreasurerThomas H. Nesbit, REPGC
Em Grand RecorderJames C. McGee, REPGC
Em Grand Standard BearerMark Stillwell
Em Grand Sword BearerW. Scott Wadsworth
Em Grand WarderTed A. Loggins
Em Grand SentinelZachary A. Holmes